Fuse board replacement

Replacement fuse boards (High integrity dual RCD Consumer Control Unit)

You may need a replacement fuse board if:

  • Your existing fuse board is a wooden mounted re-wireable one (i.e. you can manually replace the wire or cartridge in each individual fuse)
  • Because it has no RCD (Residual Current Device) protection
  • Because it needs upgrading from the 16th Edition single RCD unit to the 17th Edition dual RCD Consumer Control Unit

Building Regulations and Wiring Regulations (BS7671) require that all circuits within your home are now RCD (Residual Current Device) protected. By installing a new high integrity dual RCD Consumer Control Unit (Fuse board) you will have peace of mind knowing that it meets required safety standards, enables the circuits to be split up in a way that ensures that if one RCD trips out, you are still left with power / lighting in other parts of the house and that you simply need to flick the circuit breaker switch back up to restore power.

Having a new Consumer Control Unit installed and fitted is quite an easy process and can be done with minimal disruption. It can take approximately one day to complete the installation and subsequent testing.

All work will be tested, inspected and certified to BS 7671 17th Edition quality and safety standards. Part P certifcate will be issued upon completion of work.

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